Online Appreciation Day 2020

Online Appreciation Day 2020

24 Jun 2021

Often, amidst the rush and chaos of our hectic lives, the meticulous efforts put in by our school’s non-teaching staff go less noticed and under-appreciated. For the most part, we tend to take their contributions to our school for granted and go about our daily lives. Appreciation Day hence serves as an important opportunity for us, as students, to give thanks to our non-teaching staff, and appreciate all their hard work and sacrifice.

In 2020, Appreciation Day was held on 17th July. This was a one-day event, but the preparation started months ago. Unlike previous years, this Appreciation Day had to be organized differently due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which eliminated the option of having the large-scale ceremonies that were carried out in previous years. To make up for this, the 47th Students’ Council (HSC) came up with an alternative plan — to encourage students to create gift sets and appreciation cards for every non-teaching staff member on the High School campus.

Vice President of HSC Timothy Chia Posing with the Personal Assistant to the Principal, Ms Jacqueline Yeow

The work started with the HSC planning the logistical arrangements. A list of non-teaching staff members was prepared, and instructions to the classes carefully finalised, so students could prepare meaningful and creative gifts, while still adhering to the safety measures. The HSC also hoped that students would go the extra mile to prepare personalised gifts, and drew up short biographies of each non-teaching staff member and disseminated these to the students.

Sincerely Packaged Gifts

Over the course of two to three months, various groups of students prepared over 100 gifts and appreciation cards for particular staff members, along with multiple “Thank You” videos to show our care and appreciation to our heroes behind the scenes. Finally, on 17th July, a Friday afternoon, Councillors delivered the gifts — each chosen and packaged with love and sincerity — to the various staff members, along with a delicious bento set.

Beautifully Packaged Gifts

The HSC believes that it is especially important to ensure that events like Appreciation Day carry on despite the social distancing measures, because it is through such events that Hwa Chongians have been able to show their gratitude to everyone around them, and be reminded that even those who do not directly influence our academic or holistic development play an instrumental role in providing us with a clean and safe learning environment to grow and mature. In a socially distanced world, it is all the more important to keep our connections alive.

Councillors on their Way to Distributing the Bento Packs

A huge thank you to all students for cooperating and making this event a success, and more importantly, thank you to the non-teaching staff for their dedicated service with bright smiles.

(This is a continuing series to capture the vibrancy of Hwa Chong life in 2020.)