Chess against Covid-19

Chess against Covid-19

24 Jun 2021

A simultaneous exhibition is a board game competition, where one player participates in multiple games against various opponents at the same time. On 21st April 2020, Ng Sheng Feng (2i1) faced 12 other chess players in such an exhibition.

A Profile of Ng Sheng Feng (2I1)

Although Sheng Feng regularly participates in tournaments, both national and international in nature, this was a far cry from the usual competition. This online simultaneous exhibition was part of a fundraiser event, “Chess Against Covid”, initiated by Singapore’s second Grandmaster ever appointed, Mr. Kevin Goh, with the charitable purpose of raising funds for families financially affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The local chess community has made use of the interactivity of their game and adapted to the circuit breaker measures announced that month by launching weekly chess activities and tournaments online, to keep the love of the game alive. That was also when Sheng Feng was invited to conduct a simultaneous exhibition, hosted by Chess Against Covid, for the purpose of charity. 

Sheng Feng felt honoured to be selected for this simultaneous exhibition and fully supported the objectives and spirit of the event. The pandemic has adversely affected numerous families from varying backgrounds and caused an increase in local unemployment rates. By taking part in the fundraiser, Sheng Feng saw an opportunity to give back to the community and assist others in staying financially afloat by offering emotional and material support.

Sheng Feng during the Simultaneous Exhibition

Along with the contributions by Sheng Feng, Chess Against Covid managed to exceed its goal of $100,000 raised. It plans to continue the philanthropic activities following this success. The remarkable sum was donated to Lakeside Family Services. It was used to provide financial assistance, as well as purchase basic necessities for families heavily affected by the pandemic.

Sheng Feng’s Boards at the End of the Exhibition

Chess Against Covid also organised various online chess matches between players from different countries, ranging from Kazakhstan to the USA. This not only allowed players to maintain their enthusiasm for international chess but also interact with players around the world, transcending the geographical barriers erected by the pandemic. 

Throughout this experience, Sheng Feng achieved two admirable goals, not only raising funds for families shaken by the pandemic, but also seeing a window of opportunity for practicing and exchanging skills and techniques after each game. Although he won all 12 matches, he remains humble by saying that he has learned much from his opponents and there is ample room for improvement. Panorama wishes Sheng Feng all the best in his future chess endeavours!

Written by Javier Cheng Kai Heng (2I1)

(This is a continuing series to capture the vibrancy of Hwa Chong life in 2020.)