Our Showmen, Our Ringleaders: Celebrating a Different Teachers’ Day

Our Showmen, Our Ringleaders: Celebrating a Different Teachers’ Day

14 May 2021

Students from 20A14 preparing gifts for their teachers

On 3rd September 2020, both the High School and College Sections threw festivities and celebrations for the Hwa Chong educators – a vibrant display of the students’ gratitude towards their teachers.

At the High School Clock Tower, the usual performances and booths were replaced with classroom-bound activities and games organised by each class. Teachers made their way to each classroom, whereupon they were greeted with games and goodie bags. The day was one filled with laughter and cheer, from students and teachers alike. 

Even without the usual live performances, the riotous E-Concert, filled with activities conducted by the students, were more than enough to entertain and excite. From boardgames to dodgeball and delicious food, teachers were far from starved for choice when it came to immersing themselves in the festivities. The teacher-student bond has been tried and tested throughout this tumultuous year, and dragged through countless trials, so the celebrations were a much-needed reprieve for our teachers to bond and relax with their students. 

Moving towards the Inner Plaza, the College tutors were garlanded with the title of ringmasters, as an homage to the film “The Greatest Showman”. Each class designed its own banner, with designs ornamented by circus imagery and bold, vivid colours, accentuating the exultant mood that permeated the compound.

The Covid-19 restrictions could not dampen the day’s liveliness. Although the typical performances had to be pre-recorded or livestreamed, the energy and enthusiasm put forth by the performers could be felt through the screen. Additionally, teachers were still able to personally interact with their respective classes. Following a strict timetable, teachers were allocated slots to visit each class, where their students planned out entertaining games and activities to bond with their educators; an event that showcased the camaraderie between teacher and student.

20S6B students posing with their Mathematics Tutor, Mr Ma Zhou

Across the campus, our teachers and tutors felt the warmth that the student population had provided on Teachers’ Day. Still, in the end, Teachers’ Day is but one special, designated day of the year. For their endless efforts and continuous care, why should our reciprocity of their kindness be limited to just one day?

So, let us celebrate and appreciate their contributions.

Written by: Jeron Sia (20S7J) & Lim Hong Yi (3O3)

(This is a continuous series to capture the vibrancy of Hwa Chong life in 2020.)