New Beginnings – Panorama and the Hwa Chong Publications Society

New Beginnings – Panorama and the Hwa Chong Publications Society

14 May 2021

Hwa Chong Publications Society 2020-21 Exco (from left – Kelly Tan Yi Hui 20S70, Jeron Sia 20S7J & Chua Hng Teng Rachelle 20S65)

Panorama, a cherished publication from Hwa Chong, serves as one of the school’s official communication channels to the public. Covering key school events and figures, physical copies were often distributed during the school’s annual Open House and other external events for the viewing pleasure students, staff, parents, alumni and guests alike. Panorama is a looking glass into the HC culture, simultaneously celebrating and showcasing the spirit built by every member of the Hwa Chong family. 

After more than a decade of physical print, Panorama made the big shift online in 2021 to a new home. This makes its contents more accessible and relevant to the student body and school staff alike, as new articles are uploaded regularly to report on the most recent events in school. Moving this publication online also allows us to reduce paper usage, thereby minimizing the environmental impact of a print publication. With Hwa Chong placing a greater emphasis on going green, we wish to play our part in bolstering these efforts in supporting environmental sustainability. 

The migration online came into fruition as a result of the hard work of many parties involved in the process of publishing Panorama, including various students and teachers who have provided their never-ending guidance and support. As we look towards a brighter future, Panorama will steadfastly focus on our school life, continuing to resonate well with all who call Hwa Chong home. 

Moreover, we hope that Panorama‘s online status lets us weave multimedia files within the words, energizing and invigorating our storytelling, while bringing these events to life.

This endeavour is being helmed by the Hwa Chong Publications Society, a group of dedicated journalists who help to capture our school spirit through prose and photography. As student journalists, we strive for accurate and heartfelt publications that inform, impress and inspire those who read them. Through this publication, we also aspire to offer a sweeping view over the vast and diverse array of unique stories that encompass and define Hwa Chong Institution.

From the Hwa Chong Publications Society, we sincerely hope you enjoy our latest rendition of Panorama

Written by Kelly Tan Yi Hui (20S70) and Jeron Sia (20S7J)