Track and Field Team Quadruple Champions For The Third Time

Track and Field Team Quadruple Champions For The Third Time

by Theresa Tan • 3 Nov 2020

Quadruple Champions For The Third Time

On 29 March at the National Stadium, emblazoning the school crest on their tracksuits with soaring pride, the Hwa Chong Track and Field team achieved astounding results as quadruple champions for the third time. The ‘C’ division Boys continued their golden streak for the 19th year, while the ‘B’ division Boys reclaimed the throne, manifesting Hwa Chong’s value of 自强不息 (to improve unremittingly). The ‘A’ division secured their top position, with a new championship record set for the pole vault by Mei Togawa (18S79), with her record score of 3.19m.

Our Track & Field athletes in action!

The Hwa Chong spirit was very strong, with resounding cheers and thunderous roars that reverberated throughout the National Stadium. Tension and tingling excitement seemed to permeate every moment, as the athletes took their place, ready to showcase their best performance after the blood, sweat and tears they have shed in the months spent training. Many described the atmosphere as ‘surreal’, ‘palpable’ and even ‘crazy’.

Immensely grateful for the supporters to cheer for the team, Amanda Woo (18S60), captain of the ‘A’ Division girls quipped that:
           “On the track, that energy is incredible, it’s something you can feel from afar and sometimes it can even strike motivation into you like a wave”

Indeed, their journey towards the podium was not a painless easy feat, with the neck and neck competitions and a handful of athletes afflicted with injuries. However, the Hwa Chong athletes managed to fight against the odds and to bounce back successfully.

Amanda further commented that:
           “Some of my teammates are the strongest people I know. They face injuries before they compete and some in the midst of competing. Although it might get them down, they still pull themselves up after that. “

Track and field is a sport that not only requires both mental and physical determination but also the embodiment of a manifold of values. Humility was heavily underscored by Gerard Loh (18S6H), captain of ‘A’ division Boys who remarked:
           “We are gracious in defeat and humble in victory; this is because we respect our opponents.”

Many of the athletes attributed their success to their coaches, family and teammates:
           “It was my coaches, specifically Han 老师 and Coach John Seem’s belief in me that pushed me to where I am today” – Tedd Toh (19S65) muses.

Unequivocally, the coaches were most mentioned when athletes were asked who they wanted to express their gratitude to.

Ruminating on the future hopes and aspirations they have for the team, both the ‘A’ division captains expressed their wish that the team continues working hard to keep the Hwa Chong legacy. Gerald Loh (18S6H) mentions:
           “Treasure your time left in Hwa Chong and track because time will pass very quickly. Learn from the mistakes and the successes we’ve experienced, but most importantly, have fun and enjoy the ride.” – Gerard Loh (18S6H)

Theresa Tan
Theresa is a second year Arts student in the Media Club.